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Jay Davis

Jay Davis has been a part of Portland, Maineís spoken word/poetry slam/open reading community for more than 10 years. He has published two chapbooks of poetry with Moon Pie Press, Whispers, Cries, & Tantrums in 2005 and The Hard Way in 2006, with one more, tentatively titled Family & Trouble, scheduled to be published this month. He has been a featured reader at dozens of venues from Bridgewater and Cambridge, MA, to the Maine Arts Festival, to all around southern and central Maine. He specializes in engaging, funny, sad, wise, and hard-hitting poems that work as well at the microphone as on the page. In May of 2005 his poem, Knives, or the Way to a Manís Heart, was read by Garrison Keillor on the nationally syndicated radio show The Writerís Almanac.

 Jay grew up in New Hampshire, graduated from Marlboro College in VT, and has lived in Maine since 1981. He currently resides in Portland, ME, where he works as a database specialist / computer programmer.


A family of potatoes lives under my sink.

They huddle there like wretched immigrants

in the hold of my kitchen, eyeing anyone

who peers down there with suspicion.

Despite the language barrier, they persist.

The more industrious put down roots.

They wear the same brown shabby coats

they brought from the old country,

though one or two are wrinkled now

from sleeping in them every night.

When the cupboard door is closed

I sense them in there, huddling closer,

muttering in their dark dialect, comforting

one another, whispering their dreams.

 © 2005, Jay C. Davis

from Whispers, Cries, & Tantrums

pub. Moon Pie Press, Westbrook, ME


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