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The Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program
is dedicated to building community through poetry by appointing and supporting an outstanding local poet as Poet Laureate for the city, sponsoring events that feature area poets and authors from outside the New Hampshire Seacoast, and encouraging a love of poetry among people of all ages.

The Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program presents a variety of events throughout the year: readings, celebrations, publications. These events are announced in the Portsmouth Herald and our eNews letter. Click below to sign up for it. And check us out on Facebook!

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November 2nd Hoot

  Year 2 of our UNH MFA Series features poets Jerome Daly and Kayla Cash

   This time last year we began our new program of poets from UNH's MFA program. This month we extend that new tradition with poets Kayla Cash and Jerome Daly.

    Jerome Daly is Managing Editor of UNH's Barnstorm creative writing online journal.  He is a Graduate Teaching Fellow at UNH. Prior to attending UNH he studied English Literature with a focus on Creative Writing and Film Studies at the University of Connecticut.

   Kayla Cash is from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and often incorporates this sense of home into her poetry. Her work has appeared in BOAAT, Hollow, By&By, and Gravel. When Kayla is not writing, she enjoys playing pub trivia, painting chickadees, and watching cooking competition shows. She holds a BS in Communications from Suffolk University.
   Plan to come to the Hoot to hear our up and coming poets -- and welcome them warmly to the Hoot. ~Ed.



October's excellent featured readers, Sid Hall and Alice Fogel,  are the editors of "Poet Showcase", an anthology of NH poets. It's available at local bookstores: highly recommended.



See our video

about how the PPLP  came to be



One of the closing efforts by Ninth Poet Laureate Kimberly Cloutier Green was to arrange a panel discussion video on the history and origins of the PPLP. With Nancy Moore Hill's passing this became a clear and important need on our part: to capture and preserve our history.

   The discussion was recorded at PPMtv's Portsmouth studio, edited by Bill Humphreys, and  is now on YouTube! It features four women who were there at the get-go.

   The program is historic. It is the definitive story of how Nancy Moore Hill and compatriots dreamed up the PPLP and made it happen.
   The program lasts about an hour. It's talking heads with no violence or special effects. But it's our talking heads and our history.  Check it out.  

Poet Laureate Kate Leigh Update


The next phase of Kate Leigh's Poet Laureate program is taking shape at 3S Art Space. There she has begun an after school program working with youth poets.  If you are a young poet or know one you are welcome, indeed encouraged to join.  Kate is a great poetry mentor and has been having a ball working with children and youth poets during her tenure.  Contact Kate at



Kate reports that 3S has been very supportive in actively encouraging her youth poetry program.  Along side that program 3S has a new gallery program of art and poetry that debuted recently.



Show-Off: October Pop-up Exhibit
A Community Collaboration of Visual Art and Poetry
took place Oct. 2 - 16

with the closing Reception Oct. 15, 5-8pm


The exhibit is down now. Word from Kate is that it was a definite success. Kate continues to offer her youth poetry workshops at 3S. Contact Kate for more about it.

   By way of background, here follows information about the exhibit. We hope to have a review from Kate.


   An open invitation to artists and non-artists, poets and dabblers: bring the fruits of your summer labors and show-off on the gallery walls. Photos, poems, drawings, musings of all types. Bring them to the gallery and put them up. An all ages show!

One of Kate's first projects: After School Poets

After School Poets on their way into Portsmouth Library
After School Poets on their way into Portsmouth Library
Kate with After School Poets working on poetry and art in the Library

One of my 'pet projects' has been the After School Poets program, which ran for several months at Portsmouth Public Library. I had several young poets getting their start at writing verse, whose mothers were a key to the process going smoothly. Not only did some of them participate in April, but a some of this group's work was on display at the Library last May.

Thank you for this ongoing opportunity. And for your support.
~Kate Leigh

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>>  Learn about our previous Laureates here.

KatieTowler on Virginia Prescott's "Word of Mouth" NHPR podcast

Speaking of 3S, after her book launch at 3S Artspace author Katie Towler did readings and signings around the region. One of her stops was with Virginia Prescott's "Word of Mouth" radio program.
   We are huge fans of Katie's memoir. If you missed the 3S launch event (and if you didn't) here's an opportunity to hear Katie discuss her work in a fine interview by Virginia Prescott.
   The podcast includes a brief audio excerpt (which we didn't know existed) of Robert reading his Prescott Park posted poem. The podcast is 14 minutes. Take a listen. ~Ed.

The Poetry Hoot season takes place on the 1st Wednesday of each month from September through June at Cafe Espresso in Portsmouth from 7 to 9 pm. Doors open 6-ish. Write poetry; share at the Hoot!


Read Poems!  Poems from the Hoot Where we review poems by PPLP Poetry Hoot readers such as SL Manning and other local poets.

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